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leaving house empty for 3 months


Just imagine what your kitchen trash will smell like after a month or two of warm summer air. 1. On the other hand, there are companies that sell do-it-yourself kits including the web cameras, digital hubs, and software that allows you to install, set-up, and use such a system. For example, in the state of Florida, Comcast will turn off their services for $5 a month. The problem: Appliances in an empty home can also take a hit. If your neighbor’s house is close enough, ask them to park in your driveway to greatly enhance the appearance of occupancy. Short-term: Check your pool-pump settings before you leave to make sure they are where you want them to be. It makes the work cycle more normal. Leaving your home for 2 or 3 months is one thing.. Just be sure to inform anyone with access to your home that you have disabled the garage door system and/or manually locked the garage. For the rest of us, it’s stop and hold. While you will hopefully not need these images, having evidence of this information can make or break travel plans. Especially in the summer, a refrigerator works better with a cold mass inside to help maintain the temperature. On Sale Now: 2021 Truck Camper Magazine Calendar. Clearly, developing and maintaining good relationships with your neighbors is key to preparing for an extended trip. If you already have an alarm system installed, be sure to notify them of your long-term travel plans including a list of your most current contacts, the names and contact information of neighbors and house sitters who may be at the premises. One way to do this is to run the water heater until it is empty and let it refill again. your refrigerator running during the 2–3 months you are gone. After you do that, turn off the water to the toilet as added insurance and flush it. If left unchecked, these green Benedict Arnolds will grow to reveal our absence, and invite the less scrupulous to have a look. -- Mail: Contact the U.S. How to Prep Your Car for Long-Term Storage. Mail can be held for up to 30 days, or less. Walk around your house and unplug everything that’s not a lamp on a timer or otherwise related to an alarm system. Here’s a good article from the Chicago Tribune, “Alarms Should Sound On Deal”. 9. The other is to keep the refrigerator running. Coming home to the rotten smell of a dirty garbage disposal that has sat for weeks or months on end is not exactly pleasant. If necessary, you might purchase an endorsement to your policy to provide coverage for your home while it's vacant. We are not going to be in our FL house for about 3- 4 months in the summer. All of them do essentially the same thing, so purchase the light timers you feel most comfortable programming. Short-term: Throw away opened bags and boxes of food (or give to friends). The refrigerator and freezer Long-term: Clean out the refrigerator; either throw items away or give them to a neighbor. Again, ask your neighbor to check for these and dispose of them. This will help prevent sewer gas from entering the house while you are gone and can keep parts of plumbing fixtures from drying out or cracking. If your system has a filter, change the filter. When you return home: Put the security lights on variable timers. These temperature monitors can be accessed via cell phone while traveling. Sump pump alarms are also available in case of a flood. Some are invalid if you haven’t hired a house sitter for absences of more than 21 days. Possible scenarios include: Spending significant periods of a given year at a holiday residence, for example an apartment in Spain. There are certain things you must do in order to property protect you and your family, and minimize risk while you are away. Some people leave for 3 months and some leave for 7 months. Even better, you can adjust the amount of time your mail is forwarded online. The thermostat only showed 50F at that time, but the air surrounding us was toasty warm. No matter how long you'll be gone, whether a few days or several months, here are steps you can take to make your house safer and lower your utility bills. Feel the valves underneath faucets to make sure they aren't moist. Another option is to have a family member or neighbor collect your mail and forward it to you. First, if you are leaving a house for a couple months in the winter you should turn off the water. For those who are still reading paper newspapers, have you heard of this thing called the internet? Basic preventative measures (which take only minutes to complete) keep your home safe while on vacation. Don’t Hide House Keys. If your home is on oil heat, have the tanks filled. If the property is your main home and you’ve let us know that it’s empty for 31-180 days in a row a year, you’re covered so long as the water is turned off at the mains stopcock, or the property’s central heating system is left on continually to maintain a minimum temperature of 15 degrees Celsius/60 degrees Fahrenheit between 1 October and 1 April inclusive. Discussion. Complications arise if you allow someone to stay at your house for a week or two while you are away. That same lighting strike will also travel through coax cable, so anything – modems, computers, televisions, etc. To prevent this from happening, empty your refrigerator of all perishables, clean the inside, and leave it unplugged and defrosted with the doors open. Stop mail service and newspaper deliveries. Thankfully, stopping the mail is as easy as going onto and requesting your mail is forwarded or held. Is the furnace still up and running? Figuring out how to balance the budget for a home that remains empty can be tricky. Stop the Mail and Newspaper Deliveries. There is no sense in maintaining a hot tank of water for months when you’re away. Besides, many appliances have an electrical draw when plugged-in and turned off. 6. If you did you would come back and have to replace large amounts of dry wall. Founded in 2007, TCM is the RV community's number one source for news, reviews, guides, newbie advice, destination ideas, maintenance recommendations, modifications, and more. If you live in a warmer climate, you may need to leave your air conditioner and humidistat on to prevent mold, mildew, and other heat and humidity related issues. In concert with other home security recommendations (light timers, helpful neighbors, police notification, etc.) They're going to Florida for the rest of the winter and their toilet will not be used for 3 months. 11. If possible, put anything that may tempt the contemptuous out of sight. Even the most experienced truck camper owners worry about their homes while they’re away. 5. Unless you have a house sitter coming to water them, you would come back to a house full of dead plants! Step one, stop the green traitors. This is one nightmare you can avoid. For two or more months, you may need a house sitter. If you did you would come back and have to replace large amounts of dry wall. Most of us have a home surrounded by green traitors; grass, shrubs, and trees. There are many stories of folks leaving a house and forgetting this critical step only to return to broken pipes inside their walls. Here are 11 precautions you might not have thought of for keeping your empty house safe while you’re away. Empty, wipe down and unplug the refrigerator. Fill it with bottles of water so it will run more efficiently. If that’s your situation, you will need to leave your internet service running. Depending on how it looks, it also can be considered blight. -- Smoke detectors: Make sure they are in working condition. From the threat of burglary to a failed heating system causing the pipes to freeze, the range of things that can go wrong at home are enough to keep folks up at night. Take care of your yard. Make sure you find your main water shut-off valve, and that it works. Even toasters and DVD/Blu-ray players can be damaged in a lighting storm. If such an endorsement is not available, consider purchasing a separate, “vacant home” insurance policy. All Rights Reserved. Some folks also recommend putting a little baking soda in sink drains and toilets to further avoid the stagnant water stink. Add contact names and numbers for any professional services that you annually use. Lock all sliding doors with security locks. Even better, put any jewelry, coin collections, and other highly valuable small items in a bank safe deposit box. With his help, our property didn’t appear abandoned. The house is decently insulated, but probably only averagely-well sealed (R-19 walls, but some small drafts). Just be sure to put a black X on the saran wrap to prevent an accident. There are many old-school analog and new digitally programmable light timers on the market. Turn off ceiling fans, indoor and out. 4. A trusted neighbor can check and answer these questions instantly. Don't let it sit empty, however. In addition, the property can be targeted by burglars out to steal anything and that includes the radiators and other metal in the home such as pipes, for scrap. Still trying to sell your home? Another exception is if your home has a sprinkler system or you want to have outside water available to water the garden or lawn. Unfortunately, leaving your blinds closed for weeks and months also says, “We’re not home” and protects the aforementioned unsavory individuals from being seen once they’re in your home. Lock the door between your garage and your house. Most newer water heaters are equipped with such a setting. Dry thoroughly. To prepare your home for the elements, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected, gutters cleaned, and trees trimmed back prior to heading out. The answer may not be as clear-cut as you think. You can also unplug your garage door opener when you’re away. Thanks. In Flordia, specially the humid months, you do not leave the house with no A/C. The ideal way to do this is to leave your car parked in a garage, out of the elements, and have a neighbor start and drive the car every week or two. My advice is to purchase at least one for every floor of your home (preferably more) and test them prior to leaving on your trip. Even if you have your newspapers stopped, newspapers, circulars, and phone books may be dropped at your house. -- Phone: Don't leave a message that you are out of town. To prevent sewer fumes from entering your home, you can wrap your toilet bowl in saran wrap. When in doubt, replace the batteries, and test the detectors. Empty your refrigerator 2. Details: Toilets can collect bacteria, which can cause stains. closing up your house for an extended trip. Please be aware that these web camera kits are not for the technologically challenged, and likely require running wire and cables throughout your attic and crawl spaces. Details: An untrimmed lawn can be a sign to burglars that you are away from home. We live in a small town where this service is possible and understand that not all police departments can do this. No worries about home burglaries while boondocking. Here is the final hint to know if your stuff has stayed cold while you were gone, or if you have had a power-outage that let stuff thaw, and has now re-frozen. Second, clean the refrigerator. If you’re on well water, turn off the pump when you leave for a long trip. Use a towel to chock the door open. You could even put a “Beware of Dog” sign or sticker on your door. While you’re at it, make sure the dishwasher is empty. Hiding a house key under the mat, in a fake rock, or inside a magnetic house … Many of the internet and security system companies now sell and install web camera systems; for a monthly fee. Such items may include an ice maker, an automatic sprinkler system that doesn't have a separate shut-off, and a pool. “The valves in dishwashers can get stuck in the closed position when they sit around unused for weeks on end,” says Shank. Clean out your fridge and pantry of … A clean refrigerator will be much nicer to come home to. There are different opinions on the best practices with window blinds. The house took about 2 hours to get back up to 65 when we came back, but it was comfortable enough to sit and eat dinner within 30 minutes. If you can’t empty out your refrigerator and freezer, here are a couple of hints to help you avoid disaster. You want to do what is best for the house but hate the idea of paying for unnecessary service. -- Security company: If you have one, notify the company that you will be gone. We turn off the main water line into our house before we leave. Inform local police the house will be empty. Leave all the interior doors open so the air can circulate inside the house. Short term: Set the temperature on "vacation" mode. Window Blinds, Visible Valuables, and Safe Deposit Boxes. Adjusting your thermostat to 85 degrees or less is recommended. The water heater will run occasionally but not nearly as often as it does normally. The only other option is to move out and leave the place empty so he only pays the mortgage and minimal bills on it. 15. Needing extensive medical treatment requiring them to spend weeks or months in hospital. My strongest recommendation is to use this article to create a check list for your situation. Then flush your toilets and turn off the water to each toilet at the toilet base. To create the illusion that you have a huge, hairy, and hungry guard hound inside your home, put a big dog bowl and chain (preferably beat up and warn) outside your home. Steven Merrill takes us step-by-step through the process of preparing a house to be unoccupied during extended or long-term trip. You also need to pay for a high-speed internet connection while you’re away, but you may be paying for that anyway. Details: An air-conditioner accounts for about half of your annual electrical bill, says Tom Hines, energy-efficiency expert at Arizona Public Services. Before leaving your seasonal home, perishable items should be eaten, given away, or discarded. Outdoor floodlights with built in motion sensors are available at Home Depot, Lowes, and Amazon (among others) and do an excellent job at detecting and deterring would-be thieves. Doing so will still protect your plants, furniture and other belongings without running up your energy bill. Activate Motion Activated Outdoor Floodlights. Consider Call-In Temperature Monitors. Possible scenarios include: Spending significant periods of a given year at a holiday residence, for example an apartment in Spain. In addition, our neighbors have keys to our home and garage. If your smoke detector batteries are almost dead, they may begin beeping in your absence. Make sure your security lights are outfitted with CFL bulbs, which save on energy and are long-lasting. Short-term: Pour a half cup of chlorine into the bowl (not the tank). -- Disposer/drains: Run the disposer. That said, you can buy and install a web camera system in your house and property that will let you see your den from Denmark and your lawn from Louisiana. Editor’s Note: Thank you, Steve, for this very informative article. I was wondering if we need to do anything to the plumbing to prevent water empty house for 4 months - any plumbing precautions (rental, appliances) - Sarasota - Bradenton - Venice area - Florida (FL) -Manatee and Sarasota Counties - City-Data Forum For more information about mail forwarding in Canada visit Additionally, remove garage door openers and valuables from cars stored in your garage. In that way, water was available outside, but the house water was off. She enjoys the money and we don’t look unoccupied. s3londonuk. The answer may not be as clear-cut as you think. The water will … These items may not apply to your house, or there may be more specific needs that you have to consider. Short-term: Throw out perishables such as milk that will expire while you're gone. -- Newspaper: Put delivery on a vacation hold. Empty, wipe down and unplug the refrigerator. Don't keep anything that is likely to go bad during the … These are readily available on the internet and are designed to have the bad guys looking for easier targets. It’s a minor detail, but closing a fireplace flue will prevent bats, bird, squirrels, and other critters from entering your home. If you want your mail forwarded, you request a temporary mail forwarding for $1 USD. Turn off your gas at the meter. Ensure all doors, windows, skylights, and vents are properly closed and locked. Garage doors with electric garage door openers are vulnerable to thieves with garage door opener scanners. Should your temperature monitors register temperature approaching freezing, your neighbors – who have a key – can enter your home, verify the situation, and take corrective action before your pipes freeze and burst. If they are intact, stuff stayed frozen. -- Small appliances, computers, televisions: Unplug these items. There are 635,000 empty homes in the UK and over 278,000 of those have been empty for more than six months, according to latest government statistics (2019). Some home security service providers include these sensors with their installations. But 7 … Heating system/Electrical The heating system should be cleaned and inspected by a contractor to help ensure it is working properly, especially through the winter months, to […] Here is a golden tip for extra safety: Do not post that you are leaving on an extended vacation or business trip on Facebook! Unplug unnecessary appliances in preparation for …

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